Because there are determining moments that move you forward.

Your season is now. Not when you see an interesting online job posting. Not after a recruiter calls. Not when the next round of restructuring happens. Your ability to successfully create a bridge to your experience, strengths, and achievements into the next level of leadership, accountability, and value to an organization depends upon your next move forward to brand the unique and relevant executive that you have become. As specialists in working with highly accomplished executives across industries and geographies, we have perfected the art of designing brands that are critical in differentiating the value of each distinctive individual. We also work with clients to communicate that brand in the most compelling and powerful way.


The Your Exec Brand team offers more than 35 years of combined experience in evaluating, developing, and managing executive brands that are critical in positioning C-suite executives, managing partners, directors, investors, business owners, board members, private equity/venture capital executives, and corporate executive teams with a competitive advantage in anticipation of new opportunities.

We are privileged to be sought out by our strategic alliance and executive recruiter partners in determining

the optimal strategies for the executive positioning of clients including portfolio, resume,

bio, and social media development and communication.

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